Open Boat Shared Charters and Schedule
Additional Dates Added Monthly

Open Boat also known as shared charters is a way to get out on the water for a day of fishing without having to get two or three others to go with you.  Relentless Charters has been one of the leaders in open boat charters taking out hundreds of single anglers looking to fish.  An open boat charter works just like a regular charter where all of the fish are divided evenly at the end of the day between the anglers.  You may show up not knowing anyone but by the days end will have some new friends who share your passion for fishing.

Relentless Charters will run open boat charters for flounder, striped bass haddock and school bluefin tuna during the 2016 fishing season.  We will announce many of our open boat trips by email and will be starting a new open boat email list.  If you want to get on an open boat trip please contact Capt Dave at

Scheduled Dates For Open Boat Trips

Next Shared, Open Boat Fishing Trip

Striped Bass – Saturday, May 27th
Striped Bass – Thursday, June 1st

If one of these dates do not fit into your schedule, contact Capt Dave to inquire starting a new date or to schedule an open boat winter flounder trip.

Additional dates will be added as the season progresses for haddock, striped bass, tuna and shark