Stellwagen Bank is becoming known worldwide as the place to travel with the best opportunity to land school bluefin tuna. These magnificent fish, some of the fastest and strongest in the ocean migrate to these waters to feed on the sand eels and herring in the local waters from Step aboard and fish for school bluefin tuna, present in our waters from June through November. The fishing takes place as close as an hour from our dock and grow to over 1,000 lbs. Most of the fish will be in the 100-200 LB class and can be caught casting poppers, jigging or trolling, depending on the anglers experience and desires. When a fish is landed it will be bled and placed on ice to maintain the quality of the fresh sashimi or steaks for your enjoyment.


Limits for bluefin tuna fishing do change each year and on board RELENTLESS we will follow all applicable federal laws and Regulations set by the National Marine Fisheries Service.


On board RELENTLESS if an angler lands a bluefin tuna over 73″ by federal law it belongs to the boat. We will sell that fish and your party will receive a percentage of the proceeds of the sale of a fish.  We feel this is fair for both the customer and Relentless Charters



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On board RELENTLESS we are fortunate to have very productive shark fishing located within a few hours of our docks. The species most encountered is the blue shark often reaching weights in excess of 300 lbs Fishing the deep waters east of Stellwagen Bank and in the Vicinity of Wildcat Knoll you will have the opportunity to catch not only blue sharks but also thresher, porbeagle and the short fin mako (known for its acrobatic aerial leaps). Fishing for sharks is conducted by drifting and putting out a slick using frozen chum. Once the sharks find the chum and grab one of the baits – Hang on! Tackle consists of Shimano 50 class two speed reels,  and matched custom built rods.


Anglers have an opportunity to catch several sharks during a trip and may retain one as long as it has a fork length of 4.5 ft or greater. Depending on the day you may even have the opportunity to land tuna during shark trip.






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